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I first discovered this wonderful breed 3 years ago through a friends accidental Malshi litter  - a first generation cross of a Shih Tzu mother and Maltese Father - I couldn't help but take one of these adorable babies home - and 'Cupcake' became part of my young family..

 Once smitten with Cupcake's loving nature combined with her cheeky outgoing zest for life - and the very frequent comments when out and about with her by members of the public asking what breed she was and how beautiful etc I decided to breed my Shih tzu girls to Maltese so that 'Cupcakes' were more readily available to people who wanted one!


 This website is to feature photos of my Dogs & Puppies past and present and also Owners photos of their Malshi's bred by myself... too share with others the world that is MALSHI!!


 I spent 3 years in college studying Animal Care and went on to teach Animal Care at Further Education level  before becoming a full time Mum. I have worked at various rescue centres, rehabilitation, veterinary centres and also fostered dogs that have needed help.


I am also a qualified dog groomer.


I have worked at Show Kennels and been involved with Showing..and in my opinion enjoying your Dog as a PET is far better!


 'Florence ' - K.C Reg Show Bred Small Type - Approx - 7 lb   ' Alfie' - KC Reg Show Standard Maltese - Approx 5lb